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Since the Fall of 2017, the Detroit Medical Orchestra has partnered with the Beaumont "Arts for the Spirit" Program to present musical performances in the lobbies of Beaumont hospitals in Dearborn, Royal Oak, Farmington Hills, Grosse Pointe,  Trenton, and Wayne. 
Musicians also provide interactive music experiences under the guidance of Beaumont's Music Therapist, Holly Platis, MS, MT-BC for pediatric patients being treated at Beaumont Children's and Pediatric Oncology as well as custom-designed music programs for special Holiday events for children, families and staff receiving services at the Center for Exceptional Families.

Beaumont "Arts for the Spirit" Program


Speaking on behalf of the Detroit Medical Orchestra (DMO) as the DMO's Community Outreach Liaison to Beaumont as well as one of the musicians who has had the privilege to perform at several of the "Arts for the Spirit" engagements, this collaboration is truly remarkable. Working in the role as the Detroit Medical Orchestra's (DMO) Community Outreach Liaison I work closely with Nancy Short, Beaumont's Special Programs Manager from the Department of Corporate and Community Partnerships to schedule musicians and musician ensembles to play at different Beaumont locations.  As a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP), my training informs the selections of which musical instruments would work best for this outreach as well as drives the selection of music that works best for the different settings of these outreach experiences such as music that would most beneficial in lobby performances vs. music that is played in more direct patient settings, vs. larger Holiday events, developing specialized music playlists tailored specifically to the populations and settings that are served through this outreach.


This community partnership profoundly manifests the mission of bringing the healing power of music directly into the hospital for the enjoyment, relaxation, and healing benefits of hospital patients and staff.  It is a deeply rewarding experience to see how providing soothing and calming music to patients and staff, as well as visitors of patients, uplifts the spirits and brings joy to those in the hospital, and helps bring a breath of positivity and relaxation to an environment that can be very stressful.  The sincere appreciation expressed by so many who have been positively impacted and moved by the experience of having live music played for them while at the hospital has been amazing. 

Don't just take my word for it, this is feedback left on anonymous feedback/survey forms by patients, family, visitors and staff and are reminders of how much this outreach and the music means to those that it reaches....

"Amazing and truly a unique experience for our patients and families!" (from a Medical staff member working in Pediatrics)

"Fantastic addition for the lobby!"

"Wonderful!  After listening, I felt like I had a full night's restful sleep." 

"This is my favorite thing about working here."  (from a hospital staff member)

"The sound of the harp is the first thing that has relaxed me in 36 hours." (From a parent of a pediatric patient)

"It was beautiful to hear this soothing music in the lobby today.  In such a place as a hospital, where there an be so much stress and tension, this is a wonderful way to help create a space and moments of relaxation and peace.  Thank you very much!  Please keep these performances coming!"

"My blood pressure seemed to lower five notes in."

"Thank you for bringing soothing beautiful music into the hospital space!  Please keep it coming!"

"Absolutely fantastic!  Music can be just as much a medicine as any of the pills we give out."  (Beaumont Resident Physician)

It has been an honor for the DMO to be a partner with Beaumont for the “Arts for the Spirit” Program and we look forward to continuing to join together to bring more healing through music to Beaumont patients, visitors and staff.

Michelle S. Lynch, PSYD, LP, CMP

DMO - Community Outreach Liason

Certified Music Practitioner (CMP)

DMO Musician Ambassadors 

Danish Ali, M.S., Graduate Student Oakland University - violin and viola

Megan Barrus, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Ascension Providence Rochester - horn

Joan Blair, J.D., Retired Attorney - violin

Linda Borusko, Friend of the Orchestra - clarinet

Gabrielle Bray, CFCPA Alumnus, WSU - viola

Michael Cher, M.D., Urology, WSU, Karmanos, Beaumont, VA, DMC - clarinet

Amanda Crecelius, R.N., BSN, Nurse, Music Teacher - violin

Ashley D’Agostino, Undergraduate Student, WSU - violin

Walter Dean, Ph.D., Retired Chemistry Professor - bassoon

Cheryl Ferrari, Friend of the Orchestra - violin

Nina Flanigan, M.A., Retired Teacher - violin

Kenneth Jones, Friend of the Orchestra - violin

Ray Landes, M.D., Colorectal Surgery, Beaumont - horn

Jennifer Mullis Lippo, CPNP, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Beaumont - flute

Ted Lasker, M.Mus., Son of WSU SOM Faculty - cello and piano

Michelle Lynch, Psy.D., LP,  CMP, Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice - flute

Yuki Mack, Pianist (Steinway Artist), Performer, Teacher, Composer - piano

Georgiana Marusca, Medical Student, WSU - violin

Sharon Oblin, Friend of the Orchestra - flute

Laura Palmieri, R.N., Beaumont - harp

Alexander Roth, Public Health Specialist, United States Air Force - cello

June Ruan, Medical Student WSU - violin

Sydney Schaaf, M.S., Engineer, Ford Motor Company - flute

Lauren Sofen, D.PT, PT, PCS, Pediatric Physical Therapist, Beaumont - oboe

Ryan Sohizad, Pre-Medical Student, WSU - violin

Mark  Stephenson, Friend of the Orchestra - horn

Darion Twitty, Medical Student WSU - violin

Alex Yuill, EMT, Pre-Medical Student, WSU - piano

Samm Wunderlich, CTRS, CBIS, CZT, Recreational Therapist, Private
       Practice; Graduate Student, MSU - oboe

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