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**Victoria Qian, Medical Student, WSUSOM

Raeeda Rahman, Undergraduate Student, WSU

Zaky El Nachef, Student, UD-Mercy

Eric Scott, Music Teacher, Expressions Music Academy

Jeffrey Klein, MD, Internal Medicine, Corewell Health

Darion Twitty, MD, Resident, Family Medicine, HFHS

Christian Membrere, Student, WSU Nursing

Noah Welker, Medical Student, WSUSOM

Jacob Alexander, Friend of the Orchestra


*Miriam Behar, MD, Pediatrician, WSUSOM

Dan Drucker, PhD, Emeritus Mathematics Professor, WSU

Beverly Fu, Medical Student, WSUSOM

Alexander Hall, DO, Resident, Family Medicine, AMOH

Åsa Jude-Vassallo, MS, Physician Assistant, Brentwood Pediatric Associates

Noel Karrer, RN, Retired Nurse, Ascension Hospitals

Mahmood Khattab, Undergraduate Student, WSU

Timothy Li, Medical Student, WSUSOM

Sarah Niewoit, CMA, Medical Assistant, Eastside Internal Medicine

Blerta Prenaj, Dental Student, UD-Mercy Dental School

Arielle Wenokur, MS, Medical Student, WSUSOM


*Danish Ali, MS, Health Informatics Consultant, Medical Advantage Group

Jane Beckwell,  Project Manager, Genomenon, Inc.

Ashley D’Agostino, Patient Intake Coordinator, Michigan Progressive Health

Roxanne Ilagan, MD, MS, Resident, Emergency Medicine, DMC

Spencer Korejwo, Friend of the Orchestra

Greta Mulbauer, Graduate Student, WSU

Nolan O’Hara, PhD, Medical Student, WSUSOM

Nicole Xu, Medical Student, WSUSOM


*Christine Searle, Software Engineer, Ford Motor Company

Jacob Duchan, Secondary Education Student, WSU

Stephanie Jennings, MS, MBA, Program Manager, Department of Energy

Kenneth Koshorek, JD, Attorney

Hannah Lee, Medical Student, WSUSOM

Esme Roda, Undergraduate Student, WSU

Andrew Avery, MD, Health Centers Detroit


*Daniel Frohardt-Lane, PhD, Retired Mathematics Professor, WSU

Erin Schlotta, Logistics, Penske Logistics

Leah Sivak, Student, College for Creative Studies


*Laura Palmieri, RN, Corewell Health


*Sydney LaDuke, Engineer, Ford Motor Company

Allison Ball, MD, Pediatrician, Corewell Health

Jennifer Mullis Lippo, CPNP, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Corewell Health

Malik Wali, Engineer, Ford Motor Company


*Lauren Sofen Soleimani, PT, DPT, PCS, Physical Therapist, Ivy

Rehab for Kids

Kim Pollack, Friend of the Orchestra

Samm Wunderlich, MA, CTRS, CZT, Recreational Therapist, AMOH


Nick Boyd, Consumer Safety Officer, Food and Drug Administration

*Michael Cher, MD, Urology, WSU, Karmanos, Beaumont Health, VA, DMC


Walter Dean, PhD, Retired Chemistry Professor

*Nina Flanigan, MA, Retired Teacher


Megan Barrus, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Ascension Providence Rochester

Patrick Cooper, Product Manager, Rockwell Automation

*Kenneth Jones, Friend of the Orchestra

Keshav Lalchandani, Medical Student, MSUCHM


*David Permut, Music Teacher, Detroit

Public Schools Community District

Imran Rashid, Medical Student, WSUSOM


Andrew Lemmen, Medical Student, WSUSOM

Olivia Peleg, Friend of the Orchestra

*Paul Yee, Medex Direct Pharmacy


Garrett Harris, Friend of the Orchestra


Kahlid Ali, Undergraduate Student, WSU

Aaron Brown, Product Engineer, ZF Group

Amy Lin, Medical Student, OUWBSOM

Robert Moeller, Chemist, Food and Drug Administration

*Alex Poznanski, MD, Psychiatry Resident, HFHS


*Section Principal

Abbreviations Key:

CFPCA:  College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts

CMP:  Certified Music Practioner

CPNP: Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

CTRS: Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

CZT: Certified Zentangle Teacher

DMC:  Detroit Medical Center

DO:  Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

DPT:  Doctor of Physical Therapy

DTM&H:  Diploma of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene

EMT:  Emergency Medical Technician

JD:  Doctor of Law

LLPC:  Limited Licensed Professional Counselor

LMT:  Licensed Massage Therapist

LP:  Licensed Psychologist

LPC:  Licensed Professional Counselor

MSU: Michigan State University

NCC:  National Certified Counselor

OUWBSOM: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

PCS:  Pediatric Clinical Specialist

PharmD:  Doctor of Pharmacy

PsyD:  Doctor of Psychology

PT:  Physical Therapist

RMA:  Registered Medical Assistant

RT(T):  Radiation Therapist

UM: University of Michigan

VA: Veterans Affairs Medical Center

WSU:  Wayne State University

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