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Meet Victoria Qian, 3rd Year Medical Student at WSUSOM, and Principal Violinist of the Detroit Medical Orchestra


Victoria Qian, 

DMO Principal Violinist

Medical Student at WSUSOM


Victoria has been playing violin since she was 6 years old, inspired by her older brother. She has competed in solo and orchestral competitions from fourth grade until the end of high school. Her first solo debut was with the New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra when she was 9 years old. A year later, as a winner of the Golden Key Festival, she performed in Carnegie Hall as a soloist. Throughout middle and high school, she competed in Regionals and All-States for which she placed second in NJ. In college, she joined UC Berkeley’s symphony orchestra for one year as well, however ended up taking a break from violin as she focused on her studies.

Although she found many fields fascinating in medicine, she ultimately wishes to pursue a career in plastic surgery as it makes practical use of her interests in cell and tissue engineering and she wants to create a positive impact on the quality of life for patients who need reconstructive surgery after trauma or cancer.

When Victoria was first researching clubs at Wayne that she might enjoy, she immediately noticed the DMO on the roster and was excited to once again play violin in an orchestra. However, her first year of medical school was still during the pandemic, so she had to wait until 2022 to join. While a bit out of practice, she loved being part of a large group again and found immense joy in creating music as a much needed reprieve from her studies. She has felt absolutely honored to serve as the DMO’s concertmaster since March 2023 and looks forward to the many future musical adventures she will have with the DMO.”


We are a group of musicians from various professional backgrounds within the health field. Whether it's medical students, physicians, allied health professionals, professors, engineers, or just simply friends of the orchestra, we welcome all. Our main goal is to promote the healing power of music. If you've got the interest, we've got a seat for you!


Email to schedule an audition. We'd be happy to hear from you!

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The Detroit Medical Orchestra


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